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WHILST volunteering..in
collection of my portfolio images/art/photography/computerart creations!

Pieces of prayer
oil on paper-framed
artist Heli Aarniranta

Painting abstract art -pieces of prayer by HSA-f

MyFreeCopyright.com Registered & Protected

there is bunch of local event pictures and photos captured during 2009
and signed a contract for the rights of using only for educational purpose
no commersial purposes.

without prior to the owner and written permission Thank you very much.

viral sharing is nice fortunately linkings and missuses of creative and copyrighted
works has been lately seen..so what a shame...this is ..truly for those that absolutely love creating.

between created 2005-2011
my art videos/videoclips ( on my channel youtube)

charityand humanitarian voluntary work..
intresting when the political aspects starts to influence everything..
when spiritual perspectives and energy work collide so much with
the guidelines of the social media platforms
and cross -platform possibilities in this global sharing and viral

so many get confused..2008 I participated on FB..
although under the years it has been quite intresting to see how people had tagged
from blogpost linkings...or images..

and built their own lists..well

we all learn to protect our work..on-line.

and now the webinars of course..
and all the digital publication platform
possibilities...are quite a lot..

shame we have cyber attacks still..
as I had my fair share of them.

So Peace work has become all political..

it's when entertainment and commercial aspects blurred..

we step on many many toes..
marketing -selling..the diffrence

then we have the association work..
using voluntary projects..

here seem to be confusion too..
depending what government department's is..and you are dealing with..
in various areas of your life..

*or board- members..if you seek any thing to do with grants funding for creative works..well that is one ..journey of its own and topic all together..
as all creative workers know..in any area of the field and profession.

*quite fierce the competition ..both on line and off line these days!

*shame that peace work has gotten so far from originally

if all life is sacred...

to everybody has the right to
now looking at the way media has been used..
i truly wish there will be enough conscious people aware to start building
new positive media..

we are shifting/transforming...bless...

*this originally was meant to go to Dalai Lama..hope i ends to his hands one day!!

even it goes true many hands there...bless.

Hence the title to my painting.

Essence in definding the category and the postiioning with your work ..
and then ..is it for commersal use..is it crated for a purpose..or what is the intent for the creation..

most part mine was ; intent of pure joy when crating..when commercial side comes to it..well
it has altogether then taken complicity/simplicity of the joy of just purely
being inspired and create...

does a hobby become a profession..hence .. a new level..

The fabric art created too for local event and
the peace house exhebition in Helsinki (yes there is loads of pictures and yes they were installed on the stick for the person to distribute to all "parites.."
apparently so has not been done..

still the e-mail linkings from HIM-the loacal person..and the pdf.ss
seems to be in meta tags..and empty under my name..I laways wonder about these things..when something is promied and it is not done..

Truth- truthfulness is a value..
and we all have the rights to choose who we work with!!

sometimes the experience can be painful..as was in my case though..
although i truly learned a lot..
and as said..the strength gained from that ..

is a valuable tool later on in life..in the arsenal of life experiences for the soul!!

Interesting artist collaboration has sparked from social networking platform interactions..for me..2007-2011

as is when i write this now..or update the blog!!

and backing up my blog posts from previous years..as all has changed and transformed and shifted..of course.


here few of the sites I did exploration on creating a website!!

Free of course to the point..you wish to purchase a domain name for your site and put it on line..and not use it just as of a portfolio!!

as was my original attempt with these...and get my works out seen..
there is quite a lot under these years..

and they have become series..for now..collections and series of themes..

so it develops..
parallel to that I also create this abstract art
that has been in various sizes..

also calendar cards/ cards /prints /posters
translation work yes this for
humanitarian purposes..

Shame that still in tolerance in various forms..and yes both me and my son has had the fair share of it thank you very much in various forms
globally -locally-professionally and privately!
effecting our personal life quite a bit under the years..


- series of digital photography.."purpose",
art and photos /images/computer art..etc.

*The Soulway ©
*The way of the soul© and 2009-2010,2011
*Soul-solution© series 2008,2009,2010

(fabric art explorations)
(nature/event/artist/people/art/digital photography/poetry)

poetry started the text 1996 already..handwriting them first down in Finland..
so it took a long time to get the poetry-cd finally ready for the event 2009.

Exhibitions in Finland 2006,2009
Art in print; published 2007

video clips are posted up on my channel


has been summer and spring 2011 for me an exploration field..
for my creative soul to soar further on...to my journey..

slides; of digital photography:

* landscape/bird/swan/sunsets/sky/nature/trees/floral

creation on line on various platforms.

* Picture trail , photobucket, imageloop, various labloops created
(many of images was used on social platform -ning/ and in blog posts here on blogger since 2007 already)

*travel photography slides,animoto photoslides..video,

for seasonal uses...bless.